July 4-7, "Mārkulīči", Straupe, Latvia



1)  The aim and objectives. To win Baltic champion  title, improve personal and national records.

2) General rules. Exercise Field Round, Hunter Round un Animal Round marked distances, all IFAA bow & age classes.

3) Place and time.  July 4.-6. 2014, „Mārkulīči”, Straupes pagasts, Pārgaujas novads, Latvia.

4) Participants. All athletes  according bow classes and age groups by IFAA rules. Competition is OPEN, everyone can participate.

5) Organizers. Latvian Archery Federation in cooperation with „Free Wind Archers”, Pārgauja district sports club & sports club “Mārkulīči”. Direct competition management entrusted to a panel of judges consisting of five members.

6) Program:

3.07.2014., Thursday
18:00-22:00 – Arrival, unofficial practice

4.07.2014., Friday
12:00-14:00 – Arrival, unofficial practice
14:00-16:00 – Registration, equipment inspection, official practice
16:15-16:30 – Opening ceremony
16:30-17:00 – Group captains briefing and time to get in start position
17:00-20:00 –  Animal Round

5.07.2014., Saturday 
10:00-10:30 – Warm-up
10:30-11:00 – Group captains briefing and time to get in start position
11:00-15:00 – Field Round
15:00 – Lunch

18.00 – Tournament for children (-13)
18.00 – Wolf hunting tournament for adults (rules below)
20.00 – Fireplace opening

6.07.2014., Sunday
10:00-10:30 – Warm-up
10:30-11:00 – Group captains briefing and time to get in start position
11:00-15:00 – Hunter Round
15:00-16:00 – Lunch
16:00 – Medals Ceremony

7) Financing. Competitions shall be paid from funds of organizers and participants’ contributions. Participants pay: adults, veterans & juniors – 30.00 Euro, cubs – 15,00 Euro.

8) Entries.  Registration of participation in official site of Baltic field championships until 27.06.2014. Registration after 27.06.2014. adults, veterans & juniors – 40.00 Euro, cubs – 20,00 Euro.

9) Applications. Participants in competition day with a signature confirming the satisfactory health status, knowledge of rules and shooting safety conditions. In place of children up to 14 age sign a parent or a person authorized by the club.

10) Denials. If for any reason unable to participate in the competition, notify organizers via e-mail: registration@archery.lv

11) Winners. The winners will be determined by the result of the sum in all three rounds. In case of equal will be counted number of “5″, if the “5″ are equal, count “x”, if “x” are equal for top three additional shooting will be organized – 50y, 65 cm target, 4 arrows, if it is still even then shoot-off – the higher applicant will be who hits closer to the center of the target with one arrow. For others places will shared.

12) Prizes. Winners will be awarded with diplomas and medals.

13) Additional conditions. Dresscode – outdoor conditions suitable clothing and footwear.

14) Latvian archery federation warns – in public space will be available results of competition with the participant’s name, represented country, class, discipline bowclass, photo, video materials and other information held by the organizer.


Organizers keep the right to change the schedule depending of count of participants and and other circumstances.



Rules of „Wolf hunting”


5.07.2014 (Saturday) at 18:00


1)      Women / men;

2)      Bows with sights / bows without sights


Warm-up 2 arrows.

Qualification 10 arrows from 20y distance to running 3D animal. Scoring by WA rules (11, 10, 8, 5).

Top 8 archers in each group fighting in elimination, which are arranged according to the results of qualification.

In elimination shooing 3 arrows, result count cumulative, the last 4 competitors fights for prizes.


The first three places in each group awarded.


Partners & Sponsors