July 4-7, "Mārkulīči", Straupe, Latvia

About place

Sports club “Mārkulīči” was founded on 28 February 2008. It brings together hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts from all around Latvia. “Mārkulīči” organizes many shooting competitions every year, works with Straupe Hunters Society, organizes learning camps for young hunters “Hawk Eye” and works with EU projects.

“Mārkulīči” is located in middle of Latvia – Pārgaujas novads (region of Pārgauja), Straupes pagasts (municipality of Straupe) – 60km from Riga, 42km from Valmiera & 30km from Cēsis. In territory encircled by Brasla river are camping places and places for campers with fire places, toilets & showers, active leisure area with outdoor bouling, volleyball, street ball, football field, pneumatic weapon range,  shooting ranges for hunters training, etc.

From 2011 “Mārkulīči” cooperate with archery club “Free wind archers” located in Straupe.

Address: “Āvaidi”, Straupes pagasts, Pārgaujas novads, Latvia

GPS: 57.300306, 24.909683

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